Have you ever been on the trade show floor during the install of your exhibit or during the show and realized that you need something that you don’t have on hand? If you have, then you know that you are forced to either go rent it from the decorator, if they have it, for an exorbitant price or trek off through the downtown blocks of whatever city you are in looking for a store that just might carry what you need. Whether it was a power strip that you ended up renting from the show electrical contractor for $25 or a two pill pack of pain reliever that you bought from the convention center gift shop for $9.98, not planning ahead cost you time and money. To make your trade show life a little easier, we recommend creating and maintaining a “trade show survival kit” with all the little items that could come in handy and save you quite a bit of time and money. Here is a list of items that we think could make your life on the trade show floor a little easier.

1. Roll of Hook & Loop Velcro
2. Small Roll of Stretch Wrap
3. Roll of Duct Tape
4. Roll of Box Tape with Dispenser
5. Roll of Double Stick Mounting Tape
6. Pair of Scissors
7. Pack of Clear Zip Ties
8. Roll of Paper Towels
9. Bottle of Glass Cleaner
10. Bottle of All-Purpose Cleaner
11. Cleaning Wipes
12. Melamine Foam Eraser Pads (Magic Erasers)
13. Black Markers
14. Stainless Steel Multi-Tool
15. 8 in 1 Screwdriver
16. 10 Key Hex Key Set
17. 25’ Tape Measure
18. (1-4) 6 Plug Power Strip(s)
19. (2) 3 Plug Wall Tap
20. (2) 4 Pack of AA Batteries
21. (2) 4 Pack of AAA Batteries
22. First Aid Kit
23. Bottle of Pain Reliever
24. Stomach Relief
25. Extra Pens
26. Stapler with Extra Staples
27. Fabric Stain Remover
28. Extra Keys for any Locks in your Trade Show Display
29. Multi-Device Charger Cord(s) and Plug
30. Hand Sanitizer

This is certainly not an exhaustive list and you can never plan for every curve ball that the average trade show can throw your way.  But regardless of if you exhibit with a 10’x10′ display or large island exhibit, starting with these items will go a long way towards making your next trade show a little easier and save you some money to boot.



Article Author

Philip Foust
Brave Exhibits