Brave Exhibits Creates Modern, Memorable Trade Show Exhibit Experiences

Denver, Colorado (October 10, 2019) – A new trade show and event exhibit builder opened in Denver Colorado this week. Brave Exhibits helps businesses stand out at trade shows. Founder and President Philip Foust has 23 years of trade show industry experience. He said, “Traditional trade show displays and typical trade show booths lack appeal for the new generation of business decision makers. Today’s digitally focused modern business professionals expect immersive and memorable trade show experiences, which we are happy to create for them.”

Trade Show Displays  & Trade Show Booths In Denver
Brave Exhibits provides trade show booths and trade show displays for brands who are brave enough to break free from the status quo to get real results from their show experiences. Foust said, “Brave Exhibits believes that if exhibitors want to get the most out of their trade show and event marketing efforts, then they have to be brave enough to stand out from the crowd. They must be willing to make a memorable impression on the show floor. We help them do that by developing a clear set of goals and defining strategies that support those goals.” 

Brave Exhibits provides so much more than just a visually appealing exhibit structure. Foust noted, “There are many companies that can design a great looking exhibit but in a sea of great looking exhibits on the trade show floor, nice design won’t necessarily make you stand out from the crowd. You must differentiate your brand by creating a memorable experience and Brave Exhibits can help you do that.”

A Customized Trade Show Exhibit Design Experience
The Brave Exhibits team spends significant time getting to know a business, its customers and its competition. They dig deep to find an approach that will help you stand out from the crowd. Foust said, “We will work with you to create an interactive exhibit experience that your potential clients will remember when your follow up teams contact them. Trade show attendees love the exhibits we design and build so much that they often share photos of them on social media, which further spreads your brand’s message beyond the show floor.”

Marketing teams can choose from a large array of high-end trade show exhibit options. In addition to completely customized trade show exhibits, Brave Exhibits also offers portable displays, modular exhibit options, rental solutions, and all show related services.

About Brave Exhibits

Brave Exhibits is a boutique trade show and event exhibit agency in Denver, Colorado. The company develops trade show exhibit strategies, creates innovative trade show designs, builds trade show exhibits, and handles all trade show display logistics so show exhibitors can focus on their businesses. Learn more at

Contact: Philip Foust, Founder & President| | 855-523-2728