How to Use Trade Show Flooring to Maximize Your Exhibit Space


Trade show flooring plays an important role in an exhibit. It provides a finished look and a comfortable surface, but you can also use it to tie together the whole look and feel of your space or to display key marketing or branding information. Think of flooring as the fifth wall of your exhibit. Now think of all you can accomplish with that space.


From carpet to laminate that looks like real hardwood to colorful interlocking tiles, there are many ways you can use trade show flooring to help turn your exhibit into a memorable experience.


Here are a few ideas.


Add Color and Comfort with Carpet

Carpet is a mainstay of trade shows, and with good reason. It’s attractive, comfortable, and easy to use and maintain. Carpet is also available in a wide range of colors to complement the design of your exhibit, or you can opt for custom dyeing to a specific color.


To convey luxury and quality in your exhibit, select a carpet in a higher face weight (30 oz. or above) and add rebond padding to increase the comfort level. Visitors will get a sense of quality the moment they step into your booth.


Easily Create an Upscale Look with FlexFloor and LVT

FlexFloor rollable vinyl flooring simply allows rolls out and back up for easy transport, installation and dismantle. Use it to create the look of real hardwood flooring, beautiful stone, or designer styles.


Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is another convenient, high-value trade show flooring option. With Perfect Plank LVT flooring, the planks are simply set in place – no tools or adhesives required, giving you easy installation and reuse.


Raise the Bar with Raised Flooring

Raised flooring sets your exhibit above the rest and creates a distinctive, defined space. There are a variety of options available to fit a range of budgets, designs and uses.


Consider Interlocking Flooring

Interlocking flooring is just what it sounds like — squares or tiles that fit together to easily create a floor. Interlocking flooring is easy to transport and fast and simple to install, without adhesives or tools. And you can mix and match colors and textures to create patterns and other custom designs.


Opt for a Custom Look

Custom trade show flooring is more cost-effective than you may realize. Options include:

  • Printed flooring – Use printed flooring to display a logo, graphic, or marketing message or to create a design in vibrant colors. Today’s technology and printing techniques allow for vivid, detailed graphics.
  • Inlays – You use inlay carpet of different colors to define a space, create a pathway or border, showcase a brand name or logo, or draw attention to key areas of your exhibit. You also can combine two or more different types of flooring to add a unique, high-end look to your exhibit space. For example, you can combine carpet and FlexFloor, or hardwood and printed flooring.


With such a wide range of trade show flooring options available, there are solutions for any design or budget. And with a little consideration, you can use trade show flooring strategically to support your exhibit objectives.




Rick Pierson – Director of Client Experience, Brumark

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