You may be wondering…What is BRAVE EXHIBITING, and why do I need to do it?

There has never been more competition than we have in today’s business environment, both in direct competitors, and in the competition for space in your prospect’s consciousness.  The ability to stand out and be memorable, has never been more challenging…or more important!

The trade show floor is no exception.  In fact, there may not be a more cluttered marketing environment than the trade show floor!  You can’t just show up with your trade show display and a booth staffer or two and hope things magically turn out well.  However, the impact of having face-to-face interaction with your key prospects and clients and the ability to physically demonstrate the value of your product offerings has never been more crucial.

So, how do you cut through all the clutter on the trade show floor to connect with your target audience in a meaningful and memorable way?  Here are some key steps to creating a successful trade show marketing program that gets results.


  1. Define the story that you want your target audience to remember about your company and brand two weeks after the event.

 2. Set specific and measurable goals & objectives around that message.

 3. Determine how you are going to measure your performance against those goals.

 Here is where the BRAVE comes in…

 4. Brainstorm unique and creative ways to tell and demonstrate your story, focusing on ways to get your audience to actively engage & participate. Try to find ways to engage as many of the senses as possible…don’t forget smell & taste!

 Be willing to try something new…and fun.  Think of what you would enjoy doing to learn about your offerings.  Do some recon on your top competitors… and do something different.  Make sure you maintain the voice and tenor of your brand but do something noteworthy…something BRAVE!

The label “trade show” is a misnomer in today’s marketing world.  There are very few companies that actually “do” trade; i.e. write orders, in their trade show booth there on the show floor.  Typically, the goal is to have an engaging interaction at the show that leads to a follow-up meeting after the show.  The problem is that today’s business buyers are so inundated with messages and responsibilities, which don’t stop while they are attending a trade show, that getting them to agree to a follow-up meeting after the show has gotten significantly more difficult.

If they can’t remember their interaction with your team and the value proposition of your story, then they are significantly less likely to agree to another meeting…they have too many other things to get done!

To break through you have to give them a reason so say “Oh yeah, I remember your company…you were the ones that (fill in the blank).”  If you can get to that point, then your bottom-line results will almost certainly improve.  To get there you must be willing to make some BOLD choices.  Yet, if you are willing, in the end you will be glad you did!

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Article Author

Philip Foust


Brave Exhibits