Asset Management

Our Asset Management Program (AMP) provides a comprehensive suite of services to streamline and improve your exhibit property and event-related administrative challenges.

With our industry-leading software platform, you’ll have a toolkit that redefines best practices in overseeing every aspect of your event marketing.

Core components of our AMP include:

One Online Portal for Everything

Your exclusive portal will allow you to manage your events and provide visibility across your organization:

Comprehensive reporting on:

Asset utilization
Maintenance history
Event schedules & history

Additionally, we can provide an expanded suite of tools to revolutionize your trade show and event marketing programs that include:

Colorado Springs


Las Vegas





We Are Where You Need to Be

Our main, temperature controlled warehouse is in Colorado Springs, Colorado with network facilities in Las Vegas, Orlando, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Portland. Additionally, we’re supported by partners in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Take the stress out of your trade show event marketing with our full-service Asset Management Program.

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