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It’s not just about looking cool…or even about managing costs.  Effective face-to-face marketing is about capturing the imagination of your audience.  Its about connecting with them in a memorable way and inspiring them to action.  Managing costs and creating an engaging environment are certainly very important, but without an effective strategy for how to engage your audience you won’t maximize your results.

Brave Exhibits is a trade show exhibit and event marketing agency that specializes in results.  We help companies use face-to-face marketing to grow their business.  We will help you analyze your program, develop the right strategy, and design the environment that will lead to success.

To capture attention, demonstrate the value of your offerings, and do so in a memorable way takes bold choices.  To make bold choices, you have to be brave.  Be Brave.


Fortune Favors the Brave.

Core Values

1. Be Fearless
     a. Brave Ones don’t make decisions from a position of fear or               fail to act for fear of making mistakes.
2. Be Responsive
     a. In today’s fast paced business environment, responsiveness             to our clients, vendors and team members is an ESSENTIAL               component of our success. Brave Ones keep everyone in the             loop in a timely and ongoing fashion.
3. Always do the Right Thing
     a. As it relates to our clients, vendors and team members, Brave           Ones will always put themselves in the other person’s shoes             and treat others the way they would want to be treated, no               matter the cost.
4. Challenge Assumptions
     a. Brave Ones will always ask why. Challenging the Status Quo             will always push us and our clients to innovate and move                  forward.
5. Make A Way
     a. Every problem has a solution. Brave Ones won’t easily accept           No for an answer when it comes to delivering for our clients.             We will collaborate, innovate and adapt to deliver the                         uncommon.
6. Make Other People Better
     a. Brave Ones will focus outwardly and look for ways to make               our clients, partners and team member shine…even when it             means we must take a back seat.
7. Enjoy the Journey
     a. Brave Ones understand that all compelling journeys have ups           and downs and twists and turns. However, there needs to be           joy and laughter along the path to keep us moving forward.               Brave Ones don’t forget to find enjoyment along the path.

Core Focus: We are passionate about creating inspiring branded marketing environments and experiences that actually help business grow in a measurable way.


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