Anheart Theraputics – ASCO 2023


Anheart Therapeutics, a pioneering biopharmaceutical company specializing in oncology treatments, faced a critical challenge as it prepared for the ASCO 2023 Trade Show. With a groundbreaking cancer therapy nearing clinical trials, Anheart needed to make a significant impact at the event. To achieve this, they partnered with Brave Exhibits, a renowned exhibition design and management company. This case study examines how Brave Exhibits assisted Anheart Therapeutics in exhibiting effectively at the ASCO 2023 Trade Show.

Client Background

Client: Anheart Therapeutics

Industry: Biopharmaceuticals, Oncology

Trade Show: ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) Annual Meeting


  • Scientific Complexity:
    Anheart Therapeutics had to convey complex scientific information about their cancer therapy in a way that was accessible to a diverse audience, including healthcare professionals and potential investors.

  • Visibility:
    Given the size and competitiveness of the ASCO Annual Meeting, Anheart needed a booth design and strategy that would ensure their presence was noticed amidst numerous other exhibitors.

  • Branding and Credibility:
    The company sought to establish itself as a credible and innovative player in the field of oncology and showcase its commitment to patient-centric care.


Brave Exhibits, with its deep understanding of trade show dynamics and innovation in booth design, devised a comprehensive strategy to address Anheart Therapeutics’ challenges:

  • Strategic Booth Design:
    Brave Exhibits created a booth design that incorporated open, inviting spaces for networking, private meeting areas, and interactive displays. The design emphasized Anheart’s commitment to innovation and patient care.

  • Branding and Messaging:
    Brave Exhibits reinforced Anheart’s brand identity through impactful branding, including logos, banners, and consistent color schemes. Concise and compelling messaging was developed to communicate Anheart’s mission, vision, and unique selling points.

  • Key Opinion Leader Engagement:
    To enhance credibility, Brave Exhibits coordinated meetings with renowned oncologists and thought leaders, allowing Anheart Therapeutics to showcase their therapy’s potential and receive valuable feedback.
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The collaboration between Anheart Therapeutics and Brave Exhibits yielded remarkable results at the ASCO 2023 Trade Show:

Increased Booth Traffic

Anheart's booth saw a significant increase in visitor traffic, with healthcare professionals, investors, and potential collaborators drawn by the engaging exhibits and presentations.

Scientific Accessibility

Attendees commended Anheart's ability to communicate complex scientific concepts effectively, making their groundbreaking cancer therapy accessible to a wide audience.

Brand Credibility

Anheart successfully established itself as a credible and innovative player in oncology, with key opinion leaders expressing interest in collaborating and endorsing the company's work.

Positive Feedback

Attendees and stakeholders praised Anheart's booth design, branding, and interactive elements, with many expressing enthusiasm for the company's contributions to oncology research.

Strategic Networking

Anheart Therapeutics leveraged the booth's layout to facilitate meaningful discussions, resulting in valuable partnerships and investment opportunities.

By partnering with Brave Exhibits, Anheart Therapeutics not only exhibited effectively at the ASCO 2023 Trade Show but also achieved their objectives of visibility, scientific communication, and brand credibility. This case study underscores the importance of strategic booth design, storytelling, and engagement strategies in making a lasting impact at scientific and medical trade shows. Brave Exhibits’ expertise played a crucial role in helping Anheart Therapeutics advance its mission in the field of oncology.