Brave Exhibits’ Transition from Trade Show Excellence to Showroom Mastery for Sutherland Furniture


Brave Exhibits, a leading exhibition design and management company, successfully leveraged its knowledge and experience in trade show exhibits to create stunning showroom displays for Sutherland Furniture’s showroom in the Chicago Merchandise Mart. This case study explores how Brave Exhibits seamlessly transitioned its expertise from trade show exhibitions to showroom design, resulting in a remarkable transformation of Sutherland’s showroom space.

Client Background

Client: Sutherland Furniture

Industry: Luxury Outdoor Furniture

Location: Chicago Merchandise Mart


Sutherland Furniture wanted to build consistency between their trade show exhibit presence and the aesthetics of its multiple permanent showrooms around the counter. The primary challenges included:

  • Consistency:
    The showroom needed to maintain the same level of visual appeal and sophistication that Sutherland’s trade show exhibits were known for.

  • Space Utilization:
    The showroom had limited space, and it was essential to optimize it effectively to display a wide range of outdoor furniture pieces.

  • Customer Experience:
    Sutherland Furniture aimed to provide an exceptional customer experience in the showroom, allowing visitors to envision the products in their own outdoor spaces.


Brave Exhibits, drawing from its experience in trade show exhibit design and its understanding of Sutherland Furniture’s brand and product range, crafted a comprehensive solution to address the showroom challenges:

  • Continuity in Design Aesthetic:
    Brave Exhibits ensured that the design aesthetic used in Sutherland’s trade show exhibits seamlessly extended to the showroom. This included consistent branding elements, color schemes, and materials, creating a cohesive brand identity.

  • Space Optimization:
    Brave Exhibits used its expertise in creating modular and flexible trade show displays to design versatile furniture layouts for the showroom. Customizable displays allowed Sutherland to showcase various product lines effectively.

  • Lighting and Ambiance:
    The company carefully selected lighting fixtures and created an inviting ambiance to highlight the craftsmanship and quality of Sutherland’s products. This created an appealing and immersive environment.

  • Product Storytelling:
    Building on its expertise in effective storytelling for trade show exhibits, Brave Exhibits created product vignettes that told compelling stories about each product collection. These narratives added depth and meaning to the furniture pieces.


The transition from trade show excellence to showroom mastery by Brave Exhibits resulted in significant accomplishments for Sutherland Furniture:

Consistency and Brand Identity

The showroom now maintains a consistent and recognizable brand identity, aligning perfectly with the image created at trade shows.

Optimized Space

The showroom maximizes its limited space effectively, accommodating a diverse range of outdoor furniture collections without overcrowding the area.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Interactive displays and immersive product storytelling have transformed the customer experience, making it easier for visitors to envision Sutherland's products in their own outdoor spaces.

Positive Customer Feedback

Visitors have provided overwhelmingly positive feedback about the showroom's design, ambiance, and the ease with which they can explore and interact with the furniture.

Increased Sales

The showroom's transformation has translated into increased sales, as customers are more engaged, informed, and inspired to make purchasing decisions.

Brave Exhibits’ successful transition from trade show excellence to showroom mastery for Sutherland Furniture in the Chicago Merchandise Mart demonstrates the company’s adaptability, design prowess, and commitment to consistently elevating its clients’ brand experiences. The transformation of Sutherland’s showroom into a visually stunning and immersive space has not only maintained brand consistency but has also enhanced the overall customer experience and positively impacted sales. This case study showcases how expertise in one area of exhibition design can be seamlessly applied to another, resulting in exceptional outcomes for the client.