Sutherland Furniture’s Successful Exhibit at HD Expo Trade Show with Brave Exhibits


Sutherland Furniture, a renowned luxury outdoor furniture manufacturer, faced a significant challenge when preparing for the HD Expo Trade Show, one of the hospitality industry’s most prestigious events. Their goal was not just to participate but to stand out and make a lasting impression in a highly competitive environment. To achieve this, Sutherland Furniture partnered with Brave Exhibits, a leading exhibition design and management company. This case study examines how Brave Exhibits helped Sutherland Furniture exhibit effectively at the HD Expo Trade Show.

Client Background

Client: Sutherland Furniture

Industry: Luxury Outdoor Furniture

Trade Show: HD Expo


  • Limited Space:
    Sutherland Furniture had a relatively small booth space at the HD Expo, making it challenging to showcase their extensive product range effectively.

  • Visibility:
    Given the crowded nature of the event, it was critical for Sutherland Furniture to stand out and capture the attention of attendees.

  • Brand Image:
    Sutherland Furniture sought to reinforce its reputation as a luxury outdoor furniture brand, emphasizing quality, design, and craftsmanship.


  • Strategic Booth Design:
    Brave Exhibits created a booth design that maximized the available space. The design featured modular elements that could be customized to showcase different product lines, allowing for flexibility and efficient space utilization.

  • Branding and Messaging:
    To emphasize Sutherland Furniture’s luxury brand image, Brave Exhibits integrated branding elements such as elegant signage, high-quality materials, and an inviting color palette.

  • Product Presentation:
    Brave Exhibits devised a product presentation strategy that included interactive displays, allowing attendees to experience the comfort and quality of Sutherland Furniture’s products firsthand. Additionally, a well-trained team of product specialists was stationed at the booth to provide information and answer questions.

  • Engagement Activities:
    To engage with visitors effectively, Brave Exhibits organized live demonstrations, product launches that encouraged attendees to explore and engage with Sutherland Furniture’s offerings.


The collaboration between Sutherland Furniture and Brave Exhibits yielded outstanding results at the HD Expo Trade Show:

Increased Foot Traffic

Sutherland Furniture's booth attracted a significantly higher number of attendees compared to previous years, thanks to its eye-catching design and engaging activities.

Enhanced Brand Perception

Attendees perceived Sutherland Furniture as a premium luxury brand due to the booth's sophisticated design and messaging.

Product Visibility

The strategic booth layout and interactive displays effectively showcased Sutherland Furniture's product range, generating substantial interest among attendees.

Positive Feedback

The feedback received from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their appreciation for the booth's design and the quality of Sutherland Furniture's products.

Lead Generation

Sutherland Furniture collected a substantial number of high-quality leads, which proved valuable for post-show follow-up and potential sales.

By partnering with Brave Exhibits, Sutherland Furniture not only successfully exhibited at the HD Expo Trade Show but also exceeded their goals in terms of visibility, brand perception, and lead generation. This case study demonstrates the power of strategic exhibit design, branding, and engagement strategies in making a lasting impression at trade shows. Brave Exhibits’ expertise played a pivotal role in helping Sutherland Furniture achieve its objectives and strengthen its presence in the hospitality industry.