Enhancing Komptech Americas Trade Show Presence with Brave Exhibits at Compost 2023

Client Overview

Komptech Americas is a leading provider of machinery and systems for the treatment and processing of solid waste and organics in North America. They specialize in innovative solutions that contribute to a sustainable and eco-friendly future by promoting efficient composting and waste recycling.


Komptech Americas aimed to maximize its presence and impact at the Compost 2023 Trade Show, one of the premier events in the industry. The challenge was to create an engaging and informative exhibition space that showcased their cutting-edge products and solutions while effectively conveying their commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.


Komptech Americas partnered with Brave Exhibits because we are known for creating immersive and impactful trade show experiences. Brave Exhibits collaborated closely with Komptech Americas to develop a comprehensive strategy to meet their objectives.

Key Objectives

  • Showcasing Innovation:
    Brave Exhibits aimed to design an exhibit that effectively highlighted Komptech Americas latest innovations in waste processing and composting technology.

  • Educational Engagement:
    The booth design had to engage attendees through interactive content  and hands-on demonstrations, enabling visitors to understand the benefits of Komptech Americas solutions.

  • Sustainability Focus:
    In line with Komptech Americas commitment to sustainability, Brave Exhibits integrated eco-friendly design elements into the booth to reflect their client’s values.


  • Creative Design: Brave Exhibits designed a visually striking booth that combined modern aesthetics with sustainability. The booth incorporated recyclable materials, LED lighting, and plant elements to underscore Komptech Americas commitment to environmentally responsible practices.

  • Product Display: To showcase Komptech Americas equipment effectively, the booth featured an area with a working model of their key pieces of machinery. Attendees could witness the equipment in person, fostering a deeper understanding of the technology.

  • Informational Touchpoints: The booth included informative touchscreens and video displays that provided in-depth information about Komptech Americas solutions. The kiosks were interactive and included a game centered around Komptech’s key product offerings. This allowed attendees to explore the benefits and applications of the products at their own pace.

  • Engagement Activities: The touchscreens and large LED video wall drew attendees into the booth, encouraging questions and discussions with Komptech Americas experts.


The collaboration between Komptech Americas and Brave Exhibits at Compost 2023 proved highly successful:

Increased Foot Traffic

The visually appealing and interactive booth attracted a steady flow of attendees, resulting in a significant increase in booth traffic compared to previous years.

Enhanced Product Awareness

The product demonstrations and informative displays effectively conveyed the benefits of Komptech Americas' solutions, leading to a better understanding among visitors.

Positive Feedback

Attendees praised the booth's design, especially its sustainability elements, which aligned with the industry's values.

Lead Generation

The engagement activities facilitated meaningful conversations, resulting in a substantial increase in qualified leads for Komptech Americas.

Market Visibility

Komptech Americas' enhanced presence at the trade show contributed to greater brand visibility and recognition within the composting and waste processing industry.

Collaborating with Brave Exhibits helped Komptech Americas achieve its goals at the Compost 2023 Trade Show. The booth’s engaging design, informative content, and sustainability focus successfully positioned Komptech Americas as a leading player in the industry while generating valuable leads and positive feedback.