Success Stories

Komptech Americas

Komptech Americas aimed to maximize its presence and impact at the Compost 2023 Trade Show, one of the premier events in the industry. The challenge was to create an engaging and informative exhibition space that showcased their cutting-edge products and solutions while effectively

Sutherland Exhibit

Sutherland Furniture, a renowned luxury outdoor furniture manufacturer, faced a significant challenge when preparing for the HD Expo Trade Show, one of the hospitality industry’s most prestigious events. Their goal was not just to participate but to stand out and make a lasting impression in a 

Sutherland Showroom

Sutherland Furniture wanted to build consistency between their trade show exhibit presence and the aesthetics of its multiple permanent showrooms around the counter. The primary challenges included:

Anheart Therapeutics

Anheart Therapeutics, a pioneering biopharmaceutical company specializing in oncology treatments, faced a critical challenge as it prepared for the ASCO 2023 Trade Show. With a groundbreaking cancer therapy nearing clinical trials, Anheart needed to make a significant

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