Anheart Theraputics – ASCO 2023

Introduction Anheart Therapeutics, a pioneering biopharmaceutical company specializing in oncology treatments, faced a critical challenge as it prepared for the ASCO 2023 Trade Show. With a groundbreaking cancer therapy nearing clinical trials, Anheart needed to make a significant impact at the event. To achieve this, they partnered with Brave Exhibits, a renowned exhibition design and […]

Brave Exhibits’ Transition from Trade Show Excellence to Showroom Mastery for Sutherland Furniture

Introduction Brave Exhibits, a leading exhibition design and management company, successfully leveraged its knowledge and experience in trade show exhibits to create stunning showroom displays for Sutherland Furniture’s showroom in the Chicago Merchandise Mart. This case study explores how Brave Exhibits seamlessly transitioned its expertise from trade show exhibitions to showroom design, resulting in a […]

Sutherland Furniture’s Successful Exhibit at HD Expo Trade Show with Brave Exhibits

Introduction Sutherland Furniture, a renowned luxury outdoor furniture manufacturer, faced a significant challenge when preparing for the HD Expo Trade Show, one of the hospitality industry’s most prestigious events. Their goal was not just to participate but to stand out and make a lasting impression in a highly competitive environment. To achieve this, Sutherland Furniture […]

Enhancing Komptech Americas Trade Show Presence with Brave Exhibits at Compost 2023

Client Overview Komptech Americas is a leading provider of machinery and systems for the treatment and processing of solid waste and organics in North America. They specialize in innovative solutions that contribute to a sustainable and eco-friendly future by promoting efficient composting and waste recycling. Previous Next Previous Next Challenge Komptech Americas aimed to maximize […]